Your eDynamic Learning Account ensures that you have all the latest information at your fingertips and can download the latest course packages, teacher guides, etc.

Whenever our content gets updated (whether a small fix or a complete refresh) we make sure that you know right away. In many cases, you won't have to take any action. Just knowing is enough. However, sometimes action may be required on your part to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of our courses on your system.

Let's run through a few scenarios.

Fixes to existing courses

A spelling error, an updated URL, or an extra step to make instuctions more clear... sometimes we need to patch something up. Luckily, with LTI minor fixes like this will automatically appear in your LMS.

However, there are a few exceptions: Quizzes, Exams and Discussions. These three elements are not served over LTI, and thus changes result in generating new course packages for each LMS. The new package will receive an incremental increase in its version number to reflect the change (eg. v3.0.2 → v3.0.3). The latest version is labelled for easy identification.

If you have students in a course and cannot upload an updated package to your LMS at that moment, we got you covered. Our rich notifications will detail the change so that you can make the change yourself on your own system.

On Teacher Guides

Each course's Teacher Guide includes answers to all assessments, both the machine-graded type (quizzes and exams) and the teacher-graded type (Text Questions, Activities, Labs, Projects, etc). All teacher-graded assessments are served over LTI, so you will receive updates automatically. But any assessment update (machine or teacher-graded) will result in the release of a new version of the Teacher Guide (even if a new course package is not introduced). Keep this in mind when you see a notification, since you may have to download and distribute the updated teacher guide to your teachers.

New and "refreshed" courses

Brand new titles, and new versions of existing courses are always assigned a new EDL Course Code (e.g. EDL039 Social Media became EDL059 Social Media). You will get a notification of the new release, from which you can download the course package and implement on your LMS as normal.