As of August 2019, we have added two new items to our courses:

- The first is our Teacher Resources, which replaces our existing PDF Teacher Guides as well as includes additional information useful to teachers

- An updated Getting Started section with additional information useful to students.

While we do recommend that clients download a fresh copy of our courses from their Client Account, we do recognize that some may have recently already done so and would prefer to just be able to add the additional items to the existing courses. Below are instructions on how to do so.

Please Note: To ensure that the content of the Teacher Resources matches to your instance of the course, you will want to ensure that your course is the LTI version of our courses, not the previous non-LTI versions. Also, if you have customized the course in any way, those changes will not be reflected in the Teacher Resources.

Steps to importing new TR into existing courses

1. Download the latest Course Package from your Client Account

2. In Blackboard, open up your existing course and choose Import Package / View Logs from the Package and Utilities menu on the left

3. In the Select a Package section, click on Browse My Computer and select the new course package you've downloaded

4. In the Select Course Materials section, check only Content Areas and then click Submit

5. Once the import is complete, go to the Units section for the course (found on the left)

6. In the main screen, you should now see the Teacher Resources, new Getting Started, and duplicates of all the units after the original Final Exam

7. Delete the duplicate Units/Midterm/Final from the bottom of the list, leaving just the original course and the new Teacher Resources and Getting Started folders

8. Delete the original Getting Started section (should be at the top)

9. Move the Teacher Resources and new Getting Started folders to the top of the list as shown

10. Ensure that the Teacher Resources folder is greyed out, indicating it is not available to student view.

If necessary, edit the folder and change the Permit Users to View this Content to No

11. On the left of the screen, you will see the Course Content section, which still isn't displaying our new folders. We need to add those (you will need to be an admin with edit mode on for this part). Click on the plus (+) sign at the top of the menu

12. Choose Course Link from the dropdown

13. Click on Browse to search for the new content

14. Under the Units section, click on the Teacher Resources folder

15. In the Add Course Link, ensure that Available to Users is NOT checked for Teacher Resources (this ensures it stays hidden) and click Submit

16. Repeat steps 11-15 for the new Getting Started item, but this time ensure the Available to Users IS checked (as we want students to see this)

17. Drag the two new items up so the order now matches this:

18. Click on an item to ensure the LTI connection is still working

19. That's it! You're Done.

Please Note: If you receive an LTI related error, this may indicate that your external learning tools are not configured correctly. See this guide for instructions on checking your LTI setup.