January 23, 9:08am (Pacific Time): 

Please be advised that the Agilix Buzz platform is currently experiencing issues with users being able to log in and/or experiencing a 404 error when attempting to load the domain. A ticket has been opened with Agilix, and we are monitoring the situation. We will provide regular updates until this has been resolved.

Update: 9:21am (PT):
A Performance Incident has been posted by Agilix and can be found here: https://support.agilix.com/hc/en-us/articles/12639366513940-Performance-Incident-Buzz-API-2023-01-24-


Update: 9:39am (PT):
Systems are returning to normal, with many (if not all) clients able to access and log into their domains. Agilix is still investigating, and we will continue to update as we know more.

Update: 10:30am (PT):
Agilix has confirmed that the performance issue has been resolved. They are continuing to monitor the system to ensure no further interruptions.

Update: 10:50am (PT):
Agilix has updated the above-linked Performance Issue indicating this has now been resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding while Agilix rectified the issue.