Just like with users and courses, Buzz 2 allows you to bulk import courses in 2 ways: using a CSV or manually within the platform.

Using a CSV (you can find a sample CSV at the end of this file)

1.  When you’re in the Enrollments section of a course, click on the Import button in the top right

2.  Click on Choose File

3.  Select the CSV file and click Open

Confirm the details and finish the import

Manually Bulk Import Enrollments

1.  In the Enrollments area, click Import in the top right

2.   Choose the Or click here to edit option

3.  Enter in the necessary details and click Continue

4.  Confirm the details and click Close

Additional Enrollment Resources

For more information on Enrollments, please see the article  How do I Manage a User’s Enrollments by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at https://support.agilix.com.