The Gradebook allows you to record and track all student performance as well as adjust grades, due dates, allow retakes, and more.

Grades Tab

This is the area in which you can adjust students grades, mark submissions, allow retakes, and more. 

Grade Editor

You can access individual student grades in two ways: 

1) you can click on their name

2) you can click on the assignment.

When you click on a student’s name, you will see their entire course load with Activities and dues dates and much more 

(see  for more details). 

The following steps will show you how to mark an assignment, adjust the grade, provide feedback, or allow a retake.

1.  Click on the field below an activity that corresponds with the student you wish to be marking

2.   In this next screen, you will see the student submission and can provide the following:

  1. Score 
  2. Submit Score

  3. Excuse the student from the activity

  4. Allow Retry

  5. Provide Feedback 

  6. Return Attachments such as a marked file

  7. Add a Private Note for your own records

3.  Once you have provided the relevant information, when you return to the main Grades screen, you will see that the field is updated

A small speech bubble indicates that feedback has been provided. If you have allowed a retry, this will be indicated here as well with a circular arrow.

Additional Gradebook Resources

For more information on the Gradebook, please see the article  How Do I Use the Performance/Gradebook Tool by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at