To complete your course setup there is an additional need to configure a gradebook and optionally you can add a course image.

1. Click on Gradebook > Grade Setup and click to Add a category for each Unit, one for the Midterm, and one for the Final Exam. 

2. From your course home page click the Gear icon next to each Dropbox, Discussion, and  Quiz. Click Edit

3. Assign each resource to its correct Category. Please note that a value of 5 pts for each Discussion (except the Final Discussion which is worth 10 pts) must be set during this process if you want the discussion questions to be counted in the students final grade.

4. If you wish to add a course image mouse over the book image in the top left of the page and click Edit Picture and Attach File. eDynamic Learning will provide you with a folder of course images during the setup of your account.