Open Editor

1.  Click on the Sidebar Menu

2.  Click on Editor


The syllabus page is where you can restructure your course layout or change the settings of the various activities.

1.  Click on the Syllabus tab. 

Here you will see the screen divided into three sections: Objectives/Badges, Content, Properties/Resources. For our purposes, we are just going to be using the center panel - Content. You can hide the other two panels by clicking the side facing triangle  in each section.

Reordering Content

To move the content around, simply click on a section and drag it to the area you wish. 

WARNING most eDynamic Lesson content is in a specific order which is reflected in such things are our quizzes and teacher guides. If you are moving content around, you may also need to adjust other areas. Please reach out to with any questions you may have if doing so.

Editing Content

1.  To edit an item, click on the pencil icon to the right of each item.

2.  You will then be taken into the content editing page which is split into three sections.

3.  Click on the Settings tab, which will take you into the various settings of a particular activity

4.  Gradebook and submission - 3 areas of particular interest:

  • Submission Type - Allows you to change what kind of submission you’d like to receive

  • Score Entry - Allows you to change from a points based scoring to percentage etc

  • Additional Options for making an activity an extra credit activity or a group assignment

5.  Advanced gradebook options are where you can specify a minimum passing score etc

6.  Visibility and Access allows you to specify whether a unit is visible and/or accessible

7.  Advanced activity options allow you to define whether to allow a student to move forward before completing a previous assignment/activity

Special Quiz Settings

If the activity you are editing is a Quiz, Midterm, or Final there are a couple other areas you may wish to edit.

1.  Activity Settings - Here you can specify how many attempts you would like to have. By default, quizzes etc are set to allow only one attempt

2.  Advanced Assessment Options - Here you can remove or extend time limits for a quiz


To adjust the weight of each activity, follow these steps. 

1.  Click on the Weights tab

2.  Click on the item you’d like the edit and change the weight in the editable box

3.  For further editing abilities, click the 3 dots  to the right of each activity and select Edit. This will take you to the content editing page. For details on this area, see the Editing Content section of this guide.


Setting Due Dates (Ranged Courses)

If your course is a Ranged Course you can adjust the individual due dates for activities here. This feature is disabled for Continuous Courses. For more details about these two types of courses, see Ranged Vs Continuous Courses or

1.  Click on the Scheduling tab

Here you will see a list of the various activities to the left and a calendar in the center panel. You can hide the Properties panel by clicking the side facing triangle  if you don’t wish to see it.

2.  Click on an Activity to the left and drag it to the calendar. In this example, we’ll choose the Unit 1 Text Questions activity

3. Clicking on the Activity and Dragging it to March 30 (which is currently empty).

4. After releasing the mouse button, a dot appears on the calendar indicating an activity is now due there. Additionally, a Due Date appears beside Unit 1 Text Questions in the left panel.

5. Click on the date to see the item(s) that are due that day.

5. You can also click the 3 dots  beside the activity and choose Edit which will take you to the content editing page. For Details on this area, see Editing Content or

Blackout Dates (Continuous Courses)

If your course is a Continuous Course, the due dates are automatically assigned depending on when a student enrolls. However, there is an option to set up Blackout Dates, which are blocks of days during which there will be no due dates or work expected (i.e. Spring Break). Buzz will adjust due dates to account for these Blackout Dates.

To create Blackout Dates, follow the next steps.

1.  While in the Editor tool, click on the wrench in the top right

2.  In the drop down menu, select Course Settings

3.  You will now be in the general settings for the course. At the bottom of the page, you will see a Blackout dates box. Click Add Blackout Date

4.  Enter a Name and the Start Date/End Date and click Done

Additional Editor Resources

For more information on the Editor Tool, please see the article  How do I Use the Editor Tool  by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at