1. In the course you wish to edit, click on the hamburger menu in the top left

2. Choose Editor from the dropdown (under Courses)


3. Click on the Unit that contains the quiz you wish to edit

4.  To edit an item, click on the pencil icon to the right of each item.

5.  You will then be taken into the content editing page

6.  Click on the Settings tab, which will take you into the various settings of a particular activity

Quiz Settings

1.  Activity Settings: 

    Here you can specify how many attempts you would like to have. By default, quizzes etc are set to allow only one attempt

2.  Advanced Assessment Options:

    Here you can remove or extend time limits for a quiz

3. Visibility and Access:

    Here you can control the visibility of an assessment. 

One common use of the Visibility and Access panel is restricting students from being able to complete the Quiz in a unit unless they have viewed and completed all previous items. To do so, go to the Visibility and Access panel and click on the Block access until student completes other activity option. This will then allow you to click Choose Activity and specify which lessons/assignments you'd like to have the student complete before they can do the quiz.

Additional Editor Resources

For more information on the Editor Tool, please see the article  How do I Use the Editor Tool  by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at https://support.agilix.com.