For clients who may have multiple schools for which they are responsible, Buzz offers the ability to have multiple subdomains. Subdomains will allow you to create a specific login URL for each school, with each subdomain having its own unique courses and users. It is important to note that users of one subdomain CANNOT see information held on another subdomain unless this is specified by the primary domain's Admin.

One suggested setup is to have your main domain be your master course list, with each subdomain copying their courses from the primary. This will ensure that if the primary Admin needs to change anything, they can change it on the primary domain and the changes will occur in all child copies in the subdomain. Additionally, if one subdomain decides to customize a course, the customizations will not affect the other subdomains.

To set up a subdomain, follow these steps:

1. In the primary domain, click on the SUBDOMAINS tab

2. Click the Plus sign (NEW) in the upper right

3. On the new screen, enter in the relevant details. IMPORTANT: ensure that the Userspace you choose for each subdomain is unique or it will not allow you to create it.

4. Once you have created your subdomains, you can click on a specific subdomain and create users and add courses to that subdomain (for instructions on how to do that, see our Working with Users and Working with Courses documentation). PLEASE NOTE: You will have access to the courses you have requested from eDynamic Learning, but will need to import them into your primary domain before you can add them to your subdomains.

5. If desired, you can also customize the subdomains with logos, colours, etc. See How to Customize the Login Page for instructions

Additional User Resources

For more information on the Users menu, please see the article  How Do I Create a New Subdomain by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at