1.  Select the Sidebar Menu

2.  Choose the Users option

3.  You should then see the users screen

4.  In the top-right, click on the Plus icon

5. Enter the user information


  • You will set the password for the user here. You can allow them to change the password by following the steps shown in Buzz - Allowing Students to Edit Options like Password and Email
  • The External ID, Email, and Description fields are not mandatory.  However, there are benefits to having content in them:
    • The External ID field is helpful for use as a filter when searching a large amount of users. For example if you are dealing with multiple schools you can enter the school name here and then filter through the user menu by school name.
    • The Email  field is a required field if you are intending on using the internal Buzz communication tool. Otherwise, it is also convenient to have the student email here for quick reference.

      NOTE: If you intend to use the email option for students, the email address will need to be verified. This ensures that Agilix is sending communication to the correct users. If the email is not verified the user will not receive any communications sent via Buzz.

      There are two ways to verify a user; either from the admin app or by the user themselves. Here are two guides showing the processes for both:

      Buzz - User Email Verification
      Buzz - Admin Verification of User's Email Address

      BEST PRACTICE: We recommend having each user verify their own email address. This way if the admin mistyped the email, the user should catch that.

    • The Description field can be used for quick reference of any pertinent information (such as Grade 10 Student) but keep in mind it is viewable by all.

6. You also have the option here to set this user to Ignore time limit on assessments or Limit number of options on multiple-choice questions  if needed for this user

Please Note: Once you have created your users, you will need to send them their login information. No information is automatically sent by Agilix.

Additional User Resources

For more information on the Users menu, please see the article  How do I Use the Users Tool by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at https://support.agilix.com.