Buzz allows you to bulk edit a group of enrollments. This is an easy way of marking a group of students as completed or changing their start/end dates etc.

1.  Select the enrollments you would like to edit by marking the checkbox to the left

2.  Click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right and choose Bulk Update from the dropdown

3.  Choose the field you would like to edit and then the new value

  • Status - The enrollment status. Options are:
    • Active
    • Withdrawn
    • Withdrawn (Failed)
    • Transferred
    • Completed
    • Completed (No Credit)
    • Suspended
    • Inactive
  • Role -  The type of user. Details on Roles can be found here. Options are:
    • Owner
    • Teacher
    • Student
  • Start Date/End Date -  the start and end dates of the enrollments

Additional Enrollment Resources

For more information on Enrollments, please see the article  How do I Manage a User’s Enrollments by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at