FAQ - About Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Modified on Fri, 15 Oct 2021 at 04:42 PM

Learning Tools Interoperability is a standard that allows publishers to centralize content and push updates to client LMSs. This means that rather than content residing in your LMS, it resides on eDynamic Learning's LTI server. Throughout the year, as we make minor adjustments to course content (eg. updating broken outbound links), you will automatically get the updates.

How do I get LTI course packages?

You can download LTI-enhanced course packages directly from your eDynamic Learning Account at https://account.edynamiclearning.com (learn more about your eDL account here).

Once you have downloaded the course packages and uploaded them to your LMS, you will need your LTI credentials in order to unlock the content. Have your LMS admin create a ticket asking for LTI access and our support team will provide credentials, along with instructions on how to set everything up.

Do I really not have to maintain anything anymore?

Mostly. ;-)

LTI allows us to remove all the content (eg. lessons, podcasts, etc) from the package and manage it centrally, but you will still have to maintain assessments (unit quizzes, midterm, final), Discussions, and Dropboxes.

As these types of items can capture student information, we store them inside your LMS and not on our servers. This means that if we update a quiz item or discussion, you will have to update it on your system by either: 1) making the update yourself on your LMS; or 2) downloading a new course package from your eDL account and uploading it to your LMS. Please check the notifications on your eDL account often to ensure your content is up-to-date.

What kind of data do you collect via LTI?

eDynamic Learning uses LTI as a better way to deliver and maintain content. We do not use it to collect student or teacher data. The only data we can collect via LTI is basic usage data, for example: the number of users accessing a piece of content, how often a piece of content was viewed, which institution viewers are coming from, and what LMS they are using.

Our institution is using your managed LMS service (ie. Hosted Service), do I need to do anything?

Nope! If you are on our LMS, you have already been updated and do not need to take any actions.

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