How to setup eDynamic Learning in Canvas as an Admin

After you have imported a course package (see our guide Canvas - Importing eDynamic Courses), you will need to either set the LTI credentials up at the account level, or on a per course basis. You will find a copy of your LTI credentials on your Client Account

For instructions on setting the LTI credentials at the account level, please see this guide by Canvas: 

How do I configure and LTI key for an account

Note: if you have already added the LTI credentials at the account level, you will still be notified that there were issues upon import of a course. These issues will resolve themselves as the import process doesn't see the external tools; it's only after the course is in that the tools take effect.

Potential Issue: In our Canvas course packages, prior to our 5.0+ versions, there is a fake LTI setup. If you are setting the credentials at the account level, you will need to remove this course-level set of credentials to avoid the two fighting and the LTI failing. We have removed this fake set of credentials from the 5.0+ packages.

For instructions on setting the LTI credentials at the course level, please follow these steps.

Note: As indicated above, in our Canvas course packages below version 5.0 there is a fake set of credentials already built in. If you are using a package below v.5.0 you can skip step 3 below and simply edit the existing fake credentials (

  1. Inside your new course, click on the Settings option in the left navigation bar
  2.  Click on View App Configurations

  3. Click on + App
  4. You will be taken into the app settings.

    Configuration Type - leave as Manual Entry

    Name -  Provide a name for the tool. Most likely, you'll name it eDynamic Learning for easy reference

    Consumer Key/Shared Secret -  You will find these listed on your Client Account

    Launch URL - Leave this blank (and ignore that Canvas highlights it in red)

    Domain - enter

    Privacy - choose Name Only

    Custom Fields/Description - Can be left blank, though you are welcome to add any information you wish.

  5. That's it. If you navigate into the course the content should now load.

Additional Canvas LTI Resources

For more information on using LTI and Canvas,  please see the article by Instructure. Additional documents and resources can also be found at