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For clients who may have multiple schools for which they are responsible, Buzz offers the ability to have multiple subdomains. Subdomains will allow you to create a specific login URL for each school, with each subdomain having its own unique courses and users. It is important to note that users of one subdomain CANNOT see information held on another subdomain unless this is specified by the primary domain's Admin.

One suggested setup is to have your main domain be your master course list, with each subdomain copying their courses from the primary. This will ensure that if the primary Admin needs to change anything, they can change it on the primary domain and the changes will occur in all child copies in the subdomain. Additionally, if one subdomain decides to customize a course, the customizations will not affect the other subdomains.

To set up a subdomain, follow these steps:

1. In the primary domain, click on the SUBDOMAINS tab

2. Click the Plus sign (NEW) in the upper right

3. On the new screen, enter in the relevant details. IMPORTANT: ensure that the Userspace you choose for each subdomain is unique or it will not allow you to create it. The Userspace will be the beginning portion of this subdomains URL (ie. the screenshot below will create a subdomain with the URL of The External ID is not required but can be used to provide any additional domain information like District number.

4. Once you have created your subdomains, you can click on a specific subdomain and create users (Buzz - Adding Users) and add courses to that subdomain (see below for adding courses). PLEASE NOTE: Users and courses within one subdomain will not be able to see users and courses in another subdomain. 

5. For this subdomain to have access to the same courses as your main domain, you will need to subscribe this subdomain to the main domain.  From the Admin App click on the Subscriptions tab

6. Click on the Plus (Add) icon in the top right

7. You can subscribe the subdomain to individual courses and/or your entire course offerings here

    To subscribe to individual courses:

  • Leave the Entity type as Course and then enter the course ID (found in your master domain) as the Entity (a dropdown will appear showing the course, click on it)
  • You can provide a Start date and End date to control when the subdomain has access to the course or just leave it blank to provide it access for the life of the subdomain
  • Click Create 

    To subscribe to the full domain:

  • Change the Entity type to Domain and then enter the Domain ID for your master domain as the Entity (a dropdown will appear showing the domain name, click on it)
  • You can provide a Start date and End date to control when the subdomain has access to the domain or just leave it blank to provide it access for the life of the subdomain.
  • Click Create

You will now be able to add the courses you need either one at a time (Buzz - Adding eDynamic Courses) or bulk add the courses using a CSV (Buzz-Bulk Importing Courses

8. Lastly, you will need to add the LTI Credentials (Buzz - LTI Configuration) as subdomains don't automatically inherit LTI credentials.

Additional User Resources

For more information on the Users menu, please see the article  How Do I Create a New Subdomain by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at

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