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Human Services

  • Nutrition and Wellness 1a: Introduction  
  • Nutrition and Wellness 1b 
  • Personal and Family Finance Introduction 1a 
  • Cosmetology 1a: Cutting Edge Styles 
  • Cosmetology 1b: Cutting Edge Styles 
  • Cosmetology 2a: The Business of Skin and Nail Care 
  • Cosmetology 3a: Introduction to Hair Skills 
  • Human and Social Services 1a: Introduction
  • Human and Social Services 1b: Working with Individuals ad Family 
  • Middle School Fitness 
  • Peer Counseling 
  • Personal Fitness 
  • Personal Psychology 1: The Road to Self-Discovery 
  • Real World Parenting 2 Living in a Complex World 
  • Social Problems 1: A World in Crisis 
  • Sociology 1: The Study of Human Relationships