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Social Problems 1: A World in Crisis 

Sociology 1: The Study of Human Relationships 

Health 1: Life Management Skills 

African American History: 1a: Introduction 

African American History 1b: From Reconstruction to Today 

American Sign Language: 1a: Introduction 

American Sign Language: 1b Learn to Sign  

American Sign Language 2a 

American Sign language 2b 

American Sign Language 3a

American Sign Language 3b

Creative Writing 

Gothic Literature: Monster Stories 

History of the Holocaust 1a: Introduction 

History of the Holocaust 1b: Enduring Legacy 

Human Geography: Our Global Identity 

Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening 

World Religions 1a: Exploring Diversity  

World Religions 1b: Exploring Diversity 

Mythology and Folklore