FAQ - Tips for Large File Size Submissions

Modified on Mon, 18 Nov 2019 at 03:34 PM

When submitting projects for assignments, sometimes you will create a file that is larger than your LMS will handle (for example, large video files, or a completed game design project). Here are some suggestions that should help reduce the file sizes and allow students to submit all work:

  1. Ensure that the file is as small as possible:
    • If the file contains a large amount of pictures, use an online photo optimizer to reduce the picture size and/or resolution to reduce the overall file size
    • If the file contains a slideshow, ensure that it too has been optimized for online distribution
    • If the file is a video, suggest the use of an online video optimizer to reduce overall size
  2. Use a cloud-based file sharing platform:
    • Consider uploading your file(s) to a cloud-based file system and then simply provide you with the link via the course submission. Do note that in some cases, sharing permissions will need to be correctly set to allow your teacher to view the file. You can find a guide to sharing here.
  3. Compress Files:
    • In many cases, simply zipping the file will compress it enough to allow for submission. There are many online resources that provide guides to zipping/compressing a file.
  4. Directly email the files to you:
    • In some cases, your email may allow larger files than your LMS. Consider directly emailing your submission to the teacher, with their permission first. You will then submit something along the lines of "File shared via email" as your submission within the course.
  5. USB Drive/Storage device:
    • In cases where you directly interact with your teacher, bring the files on a storage device. Again, you will want to  submit "File shared in person" or the like as your in-course submission
      • NOTE: always keep security in mind and have a virus scan check any devices before copying to and from them

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