How to setup eDynamic Learning in Canvas as an Admin

1. Download a new LTI Canvas package from the Client Account     

2. Create a new course and uploaded the new package to it. 

    - After the package is loaded you will see that there was 1 error. Click on the error and it will explain that "The security parameters for the external tool "" need to be set in Course Settings."

3. Go to the Course Settings (a), choose Apps (b) from the top nav bar, and click on the View App Configurations (c)




4. You will see that is already listed in the External Apps, so click on the cogwheel to the right and select Edit

5. In the Edit App screen, change ONLY  the Consumer Key / Shared Secret to the ones which will have been sent to you. Do not change any of the other settings.

6. Click Submit and you're done. You should now be able to click on a module and see the course content.

Additional Canvas LTI Resources

For more information on using LTI and Canvas,  please see the article by Instructure. Additional documents and resources can also be found at