This tutorial assumes you already have an instance of Schoology set up and eDynamic Learning has set up and given you administrator access to a Group. This group will have your institution name and you will see a small Crown icon (meaning that you have admin access).

1. Click Courses and Create.

2. Fill out course information. Click Create.

3. Schoology will navigate inside the empty course shell you have just created. Click Add Materials and Import from Resources.

4. Click Group and select the group that eDynamic Learning has given you access to under Group Resources. Click on the folder of the course you will be importing to go inside and view its resources.

5. Click the very top checkbox to select all resource folders. Click Import.

6. Click Import on the confirmation screen.

7. The import may take some time. You will see the following notice above your course shell. You can check the status by clicking Transfer History. You will receive an email notification once the transfer is complete.

8. Enter the course after the transfer is complete. Your course resources will be ready for use.