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Modified on Fri, 07 Jun 2024 at 10:28 AM

1.  Open the sidebar menu

2.  Select Courses

3.  In the courses page, click on the Plus icon in the top right

4.  Make sure you have selected the Copy Shared Course option, and then enter at least the first entire word of the course title into the Source Course field. After a few moments, the course will appear below with a course ID number in brackets. Click on that course name and click Next.

5. In the Choose copy action section there will be a couple of options available regarding the course: Updates (Derivative Child Copy) and No Updates (Static Copy). It is very important that you select Updates (Derivative Child Copy) as this will ensure that any future content changes/fixes we may make to a course will also change in yours. Click Next

6. For the Define Properties enter in the title of the course as you'd like it to display, as well as an external ID if you wish.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you modify the Course Title to reflect your version of the course. BEST PRACTICE is to label the course with the name of the teacher and/or semester. 

7. In the Set Schedule section, enter the options that fit your course setup preferences:

  • Type: Choose between Range or Continuous (for details on the differences see Creating Ranged Vs Continuous Courses)
  • Term: This can be left blank if desired, but it is recommended to enter a term for tracking purposes, even just Fall or Spring
  • Start/End Date:  If creating a Ranged course, this should be the planned start/end date of the course. For Continuous courses, it defaults to 1 year from the current date.
  • Days: This field only shows for Continuous courses, and sets the length of the continuous course (default 1 year)

8. Click Create and your course will now appear in the Courses menu. Now you can create users and add enrollments.

Additional Course Resources

For more information on the Courses menu, please see the article  How do I Use the Courses Tool by Agilix Support. Additional documents and resources can also be found at

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