Before you Begin

You will first need to download the Canvas course package from your Client Account before following the steps below. For more details on using the Client Account, please review this guide: eDynamic Learning Client Account Quick Guide

Importing the course content

  1. In Canvas, click on Admin in the left navigation bar and choose your account.

  2. Click Import Course Content in the upper-right hand menu.

  3. Select the Content Type "Canvas Course Export Package" then click Choose File and select the eDynamic Learning course package you downloaded from your Client Account.

  4. Select All Content

  5. Click Import.

  6. You will see the import is Running. Wait for the import to show Completed.

    Please note that the import process will indicate there were a number of issues. This is to be expected as the import does not access your LTI credentials, and it is merely reporting the number of LTI links that "didn't load" yet. They will load when you go into the course if you have already set up your LTI credentials. If you haven't yet done so, see this guide for LTI setup: Canvas - LTI Configuration

  7. Click Home in the upper left-hand corner menu. You should see that the course content has now been loaded.

  8. If you have already set up your LTI credentials the course should now be working. If you haven't yet set up the credentials, see the guide below

Additional Canvas Resources

Canvas - LTI Configuration

Additional documents and resources can also be found at