1. We will start by creating an empty course shell. From an Administrator account navigate to Dashboard or Courses > All Courses.

2. In the upper right hand corner click either Start a New Course or + Course.

3. Fill in the Name and Short Name fields. The Name field can contain other relevant information if necessary. The Short Name field will be displayed in places with little space. 

Content License should always be set to Private
Make course publicly visible should be Unchecked


4. Click Create course.

5. Once the course is created Canvas will take you inside the course shell. From here we will import the eDynamic Learning course package. You will see the Short Name of your course in the upper left hand corner as an indicator you are in the right place.

6. Click Settings at the bottom of the left hand menu.

7. From Settings, click Import Course Content in the right hand menu.

8. Select the Content Type “Canvas Course Export Package” then click Choose File and select the eDynamic Learning course package you just downloaded. 

Select All Content.
Click Import.

9. You will see the import is Running. Wait for the import to show Completed. Please note that it may indicate there were a number of issues. This is to be expected, as it is meaning the LTI connection isn't yet set up. See this guide for LTI setup: Canvas - LTI Configuration

NOTE: if you have already added the LTI credentials at the account level, you will still be notified that there were issues upon import of a course. These issues will resolve themselves as the import process doesn't see the external tools; it's only after the course is in that the tools take effect.

10. Click Home in the upper left hand corner menu. You should see that the course content has now been loaded into your course shell.

11. If you have not yet set up LTI (see guide above), you will want to do so before publishing the course. 

12.  Click Publish in the top right part of the page.